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Sports Outlet Men's Senior Softball
Games are played Sunday mornings (2 games)
Players must be 45 and over
All teams make the playoffs


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New Players and Teams welcome!
Contact Chris Strack 609-556-0921
New players and teams, please REGISTER and we will get back to you asap. Thank you!


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About us
The Sports Outlet Senior Softball League was created in 2023 to provide a fun and competitive softball league for men 45 and above.
We allow senior softball bats and we also play with a safety screen for the pitcher and an additional infielder (eleven in the field).

Games are played in the Southern New Jersey area, mostly in Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties.
We play double-headers every Sunday from April into August in our Summer League. Our Fall season begins after Labor Day and runs to the first few weeks in November.
New teams and players are always welcome.
We are the premier Men's senior softball league in South Jersey!

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